Sunday, March 30, 2014


  I finished my cloth and cut it and started some sewing. I made a few samples on some scraps including cutting out and finishing the neckline. All of these "tests" are a good idea because I get an idea of how the cloth will handle. My original idea was scuttled immediately because the cloth did have the dimensions to do my original pattern, so no sleeves. I let the cloth rest on my dress form. This allows the cloth to relax and stretch. I keep repinning the side panels. This garment needs a belt and the perfect belt would be made from the same cloth. I just might have enough for that we shall see. I could go on about the fitting challenges I see in this garment but I won't.


  1. Maybe you could use some commercial fabric for the sleeves? If you really wanted sleeves...

  2. No, it will probably look better without sleeves. It is a Virginia West pattern from an old Handwoven and the sizing isn't correct (for me, way too big), even if my fabric was the correct width for the pattern. Will do so more sewing and basting today and see what happens.