Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The End of Ambivalence

I am done with this project. Right now I am wearing it because I need to see how it works. I made a belt which I think it needed. What did I learn? Most of my sewing techniques worked with this material. Considering that I did not use any interfacing or a lining or any other way of adding structure to this garment I like what I have done. I could see it done differently by making the center section more narrow and either dropping sections of warp to weave the panels or weaving them separately. Rather than cut the cloth to make two side panels I could weave two with nice selvedges. That would eliminate any bulk on the side seams.  Most "loom-shaped" garments aren't sucessful unless they happen to fit your body. My goal is not to make "loom-shaped" garments but rather to exploit the loom's potential for design. This cloth is not heavy but it has a substantial quality like a heavy velvet. So the trick is to match the weight and drape of the cloth to the design.

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