Friday, September 26, 2014

New Warp, Onward!

   I am rapidly getting to the end of my warp on the big loom. I like to weave early in the morning. I am an early riser so firing up the Compudobby at 5:30 is the time I do my best work. I have about 1.5 yards to go. I see the leaders that tie the end of the warp to the beam coming into view.
    I got "videoed" at the Weaver's Barn in Vista showing my method of warping a sectional beam using a warping board or mill. I have to be refilmed for certain parts because I was having trouble securing some equipment to the LeClerc loom I was using. My goal is to show a weaver that has a sectional beam that a nice wap is possible without a spool rack and tension box. Unfortunately there are many different looms with various back supports etc. It makes it hard to work for everyone.
     Meanwhile, for my next contract, I am putting on 19 yards of the Bockens 8/2s unmercerized cotton. I was asked to do a gradient and my boss sent me a colored pencil sketch. I followed her concept as best I could. I was a little amazed and thankful not to run out if yarn as I was making warp sections. My math skills are basic. I rely on calculations from various programs I have and add the fudge factor. My boss then orders the yarn. Whew! I kind of just made it. I need bits of each color to repair knots. This warp is beautiful. I do like the brillance of the colors and I will give Bockens the credit for that.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Coming to the End of the Warp

    Not much left on this warp. I believe I have enough to do another ring sling 2.5 meters. My brain bounces between yards and meters but I am beginning to think in meters and it is so much easier. I cut off a measuring tape to make it a meter long and travel along with it. This is the same twill pattern but no blocks and I do like the delineated stripes, forest green cotton weft,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Colors and Designs

I finished and removed one wrap from my loom. It came out very nice. Tomorrow I will have it "tested" at a Babywrap "Meetup" and then maybe I can learn to use it too. It has been hot here and the idea of wrapping anything other than a bag of ice makes no sense. I also have a length of sling material woven but I can't cut if off the loom until enough of the 2nd wrap is woven.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Middle Marker

  Babywraps have "middle markers" to help momma find the middle of her wrap before she wraps herself and her niƱo in yards of cloth. Some are "tactile" so maybe you could find the middle and wrap yourself on a moonless night but I'm not sure about that. So there are various popular styles. Sometimes a "blessing thread" is needlewoven at the middle marker spot. It's just me but I think they don't look nice after a few washings. Whatever.
  So right now I have my own wrap(s) for myself anf family going on my big loom with the computer. I am almost done with 5 meters. I switched to metric, easier. My weaving pattern changed as I approached the middle. You could feel the "change"' maybe,  and you can sort of see it. I could have made it more remarkable with a very definite block change or even weft. Middle markers that are permanent including the needlewoven "blessing thread" variety are problematic if momma wants to chop the length of the wrap. You either forget about the middle or hack off the ends. Interesting if you have paid $500+ for a handwoven babywrap.