Saturday, June 21, 2014

What are we learning?

So I have been weaving for 30 years, not all the time, but enough time to know a few things. It is always humbling to realize we don't know all that much. So after horrible struggles with this warp, awful selvedges, looping weft, my problems have vanished! What was the problem? ¡The reed! Looms hate uneven numbers and the wonky reed arrangement for 26 epi in an 8 dent reed, 3-3-3-4, was fatal. The yarn stuck together, funky shed, impossible selvedges. I now have a 13 dent reed, 2X in a dent, no problema! I didn't need the rotary temples, all is calm, weaving fast, misspicks gone.
Right side selvedge,

Previous nastiness,

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Between Looms

I finished up my tunic yardage on the big loom. I really need to take better notes and make myself do it. I think I put on 15 yards but I have no idea. I got a lot of cloth out of this warp! So far it is washed and dried but not cut apart and then I will know how many tunics I can really make. Next is to measure warp for the belts. My plan is to weave two belt lengths and then sew then together top stitched so I avoid the turning them inside out. The chenille is just too thick and the turning and snaking the belt inside out is very tricky with the seam. I can wind a two inch section, make two lengths and then I will only have the tabs to sew shut. That is the plan for now.

Meanwhile the new reed has arrived so I am reeding the babywrap warp,

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back in the Saddle

My new reed is supposed to be here today and I will forge ahead with what is left on the small loom. I put the selvedges on my 2nd beam so the selvedges can roll off independently tensioned. Hopefully that will fix a few problems with how the selvedges look.

Meanwhile I am back at the big loom and don't have that much to go on the warp. Always the choice of weft color, the weave structure and how the chenille (with the pile it has) changes the look of the cloth,