Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cutting Up

    Normally after I have finished yardage for clothing I have no qualms about going to the next step, its intended purpose, that is to make it into a garment. Handwoven cloth does not have all the commercial finishing chemicals in it that can change the texture of the cloth. Many a home sewer has been confronted with that reality when they buy commercial cloth and are advised to wash it first. The cloth might shrink more and the sizings to make it look better on the bolt disappear. It can be an ugly surprise. Sadly some commercial chemical additions to the cloth do not disappear and are marketed as "wrinkle free".  The alive and spongy quality of handwoven cloth can make it a bit challenging to sew. It is a matter of experience. I have made credible bound button holes with my handwoven so I know conventional sewing techniques work. Still there is a part of me that doesn't want to cut into this cloth. I have almost 6 yards.

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