Sunday, March 16, 2014

Odds and Ends

    I am sort of between projects right now. I really don't like an empty loom but I am waiting a bit on some commissions. Meanwhile I have some odds and ends on my spool rack and have wanted to try making a chenille tunic. I have enough rayon and cotton leftovers to make a short warp. I was thinking about which loom to use and I want to be more comfortable with my 60" AVL. So my project will go there. I have been playing with different designs. The computer on the 60" has some advantages because I can make infinitely long pattern sequences. On a treadle loom this would be possible but then you'd have to remember what you are doing. On the dobby loom, like my 40" AVL, the chain that controls the pattern sequence will not work well if it is too long. The dobby mechanism has trouble with the weight of the chain.
    The tunic pattern comes from an article by Virginia West in Handwoven magazine, Issue 105 May/June 2003. A length of 20" fabric is woven. The sleeves are made by cutting the panels in half. It is a simple pattern. I am not thrilled about the cutting and seaming of the sleeves only because it will have to be done carefully, but I have the chops for that.  The article shows a tunic made of 100% chenille. It looks nice so I know it is possible to do. If I set up the loom correctly I can exploit some design possibilities around the shoulder area. Lots to think about.

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