Monday, January 13, 2014

When All is Said and Done

Final photo of them  all together. Not too bad, 13 scarves from 35 yards of warp, one went to a new home, one was a dud. The dud will remain a mystery because one yarn decided to "worm". The scarf in question got worn a lot and then this particular color "wormed" or started to slide out of the warp and make little bumps. Nasty. Why oh why did this happen ?? Same chenille, same weight as the rest, same manufacturer. In any case I found the offending cone and now it is in quarenteen.Too bad as it was a nice color, bad dye lot?

I really like "crackle" as a weave. I threaded half of the loom in straight-draw and half as a crackle pattern. The treadling or order of lifting the threads was for crackle. I want to try this pattern again on my big loom with the Compudobby because I can make the lift sequence really long. I would like to make some cloth to sew with and I like the complexity of the crackle weave.
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