Thursday, January 9, 2014


I have a lot of weaving equipment that goes along with having two looms. I have spool racks, bobbin and pirn winders, a swift, a tool chest ... Of course all this takes up a lot of room. I actually had even more stuff but now my space is limited and my needs are different so I have sold or given away what I can't use. I think I heard from one of my yoga teachers that one needs to be mindful about letting new possessions come into your life. They take your concern and your energy. So I am a mindful yogini but space abhors a vacuum and having "stuff" is hard to avoid. It sort of creeps in.

My looms have hundreds of nylon heddles, "texsolv" heddles. They make for a quiet loom, no banging metal harness frames with metal heddles. But texsolv heddles can be hard to keep aligned so they can be easy slipped on the harness frames. If they are thrown helter skelter into a plastic bag they form into unmangeable balls. Yes, a weaver's work is organizing thread but that time should not be wasted on organizing nylon heddles. Every once-in-a-while I acquire a very useful and specific tool, another weaver's answer to texsolv heddle organization, merely dowels in a nice looking board. You can even hang it on the wall, voila! :

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  1. Very elegant. Unlike my bundles with twist ties holding them together. :-/