Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Grey Goods

My 35 yards of rayon chenille scarves are done. I got something like 12 scarves out of the warp, maybe one more but I have already given few away. As a post mortem I can say the warp wove fairly well. The rotary temples helped a great deal. Honestly they were more important to the quality of my product than the automatic pick advance. I am considering getting another set of the temples for the big loom. If I have two projects going at the same time I can't remove them. Well I could ... but it would not be a good idea to move them to the other loom mid-warp. I will definitely pay more attention to the selvedges when I beam any loom again. I know better. These are some pictures of the grey goods, six scarves with the edges overlocked but before being hemmed and wet finished. They are crinkly and stiff from being under tension on the loom. All that goes away in the water.

The "Grey Goods"

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