Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Warping Errors and Loom Doggies

I am not sure I am creating the "Perfect Storm" or not. First off, and I noticed this as I was winding the warp, I missed one thread in my section box. I just never threaded that spool. So instead of having 32 threads in each 2" section of yarn, I have 31. Odd numbers aren't a great idea in weaving although they are a component of some weave structures. NOT FATAL.   Error #2: My draft was designed to use all of my 16 harnesses. When I got to the  smaller loom, it was previously threaded to run on 12, 8 for the pattern, and 4 for the selvedge threads. It would take some time to load enough heddles on all of my harnesses. So I was lazy and picked a different draft. NOT FATAL. Error #3: Then I took a good look at one of the sections. It isn't flat. Hmm, it is an outside section that includes the selvedge threads. NOT FATAl, just super annoying.

The take away? CHECK, CHECK, CHECK your work. It wouldn't hurt to have a check list. Warping is the least performed task when you weave. You will always be less experienced warping unless that is all you do.  Sometimes it is hard to remember all the little things that need to be done. I resolve to write it down.

By the way some weaving errors are FATAL and cannot be recovered from. Warps that don't weave are called,  "Dogs". Having a "Dog on the Loom" is a weaver's agony, a waste of time and materials.  They bark and howl and bite. Solution? Euthanasia. A quick dispatch with the scissors can bring rapid and lasting relief like lancing a boil.

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