Monday, November 4, 2013

Launching on Etsy

I went "live" on Etsy on the 2nd. The upload process takes a while and I have had to work on my photography. I think it might be a good idea to have my shawls and scarves modeled. I can do it myself but it means getting out the serious camera, tripod, and finding a location with the proper lighting. Shawls are actually a  bit difficult to photograph. They are long and all of it should show. I like to weave in blocks of color so one end the shawl can be quite different. My shop on Etsy is called MMsOOsHandweaving. Apparently no spaces or ampersands are allowed. So be it. Here is the direct link,
I am far from done stocking my store. 

Meanwhile I wound 32 spools of yarn for the warp. It is going on the 40" loom so I can install the pick advance and other stuff on the big loom. 

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