Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Temples are Working

Rotary Temples on New Warp

I got rolling last night with the 35 yards of warp on my 40" dobby. I had a few errors in the chain and that I have corrected. The tension arrangement on the smaller loom has always been problematic. The loom is tensioned with an adjustable cord around a disk on the side of the warp beam.  The 40" beams are small in diameter, at least the four that I have. Bigger is better. A large diameter warp beam distributes the warp tension more evenly. Commercial warp beams are enormous but they are also made to hold miles of warp. Adding the rotary temples changes where the "fell line" is, or where the beater strikes the cloth, and this changes many things. The first few inches of the cloth are kind of wonky. I wove enough to get the temples set and going. Now I have to adjust the tension on the warp beam and the workings of the auto-pick advance. I do have awesome selvedges now! The temples are working!

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