Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Middle Marker

  Babywraps have "middle markers" to help momma find the middle of her wrap before she wraps herself and her niño in yards of cloth. Some are "tactile" so maybe you could find the middle and wrap yourself on a moonless night but I'm not sure about that. So there are various popular styles. Sometimes a "blessing thread" is needlewoven at the middle marker spot. It's just me but I think they don't look nice after a few washings. Whatever.
  So right now I have my own wrap(s) for myself anf family going on my big loom with the computer. I am almost done with 5 meters. I switched to metric, easier. My weaving pattern changed as I approached the middle. You could feel the "change"' maybe,  and you can sort of see it. I could have made it more remarkable with a very definite block change or even weft. Middle markers that are permanent including the needlewoven "blessing thread" variety are problematic if momma wants to chop the length of the wrap. You either forget about the middle or hack off the ends. Interesting if you have paid $500+ for a handwoven babywrap.

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