Friday, September 26, 2014

New Warp, Onward!

   I am rapidly getting to the end of my warp on the big loom. I like to weave early in the morning. I am an early riser so firing up the Compudobby at 5:30 is the time I do my best work. I have about 1.5 yards to go. I see the leaders that tie the end of the warp to the beam coming into view.
    I got "videoed" at the Weaver's Barn in Vista showing my method of warping a sectional beam using a warping board or mill. I have to be refilmed for certain parts because I was having trouble securing some equipment to the LeClerc loom I was using. My goal is to show a weaver that has a sectional beam that a nice wap is possible without a spool rack and tension box. Unfortunately there are many different looms with various back supports etc. It makes it hard to work for everyone.
     Meanwhile, for my next contract, I am putting on 19 yards of the Bockens 8/2s unmercerized cotton. I was asked to do a gradient and my boss sent me a colored pencil sketch. I followed her concept as best I could. I was a little amazed and thankful not to run out if yarn as I was making warp sections. My math skills are basic. I rely on calculations from various programs I have and add the fudge factor. My boss then orders the yarn. Whew! I kind of just made it. I need bits of each color to repair knots. This warp is beautiful. I do like the brillance of the colors and I will give Bockens the credit for that.


  1. Hello
    I have some specific questions about your youtube video taken at the barn. I am intrigued by your method of sectional warping with a warping board. Is this place the best place to ask those questions or do you have a preferable alternative.

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