Friday, September 12, 2014

Colors and Designs

I finished and removed one wrap from my loom. It came out very nice. Tomorrow I will have it "tested" at a Babywrap "Meetup" and then maybe I can learn to use it too. It has been hot here and the idea of wrapping anything other than a bag of ice makes no sense. I also have a length of sling material woven but I can't cut if off the loom until enough of the 2nd wrap is woven.


  1. Your fabrics are beautiful. I don't know if it was intentional, but in the first photograph, the background fabric is an interesting jacquard, perhaps the upholstery on a chair? The two look good together!

  2. Thanks Alice. The Jacquard fabric is commercial. I have a lot of 50s Danish Modern furniture and had couch cushions done with this fabric. It matches the lingonberry pattern on my IKEA stuff. When you're a handweaver you see pattern everywhere!