Monday, April 28, 2014

Starting Again

   I got my 14 yds of warp on the beam and threaded. I have about 3 yds woven. A beautiful reddish-brown chenille looks surprisingly nice on this warp. I used the Compudobby to change the lift plan to get some variety.  I wove about 16" of blue chenille which might be tunic side panels. I tried out the flyshuttle and I don't like how it is working. Looms like things to be level and balanced. The bubblelevel is your friend. So the beater was a bit off  but something else is wrong. Flying shutttles are supposed to fly but they don't. Handthrowing is faster for me so I am not sure it a matter of practice or my pirns aren't filled correctly, or ... or.
   Anyway for now whether the flyshuttle works a or not is the least of my problems. My "experiment" to put a raddle cross of five ends at each end the warp and forget the threading cross was a mistake. I thought I could save some time. Hah! I followed the color order but I have way too many twists. Moving a lease stick back every 20" of warp and moving the twists back behind the lease stick is more than silly so ... we are taping the 2" sections of warp and picking the threading order from how it is on the beam.  I won't make that mistake again but I am sure to make plenty more!

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  1. That's how we learn, even if the lesson is to not do that again! Looks good, though. :)