Thursday, May 8, 2014

Double Action: Let the Games Begin!

  I now have "DA", "Double Action", two projects going at the same time. For a summer I worked at Harrah's in South Lake Tahoe as a keno writer. Stupid game, worst odds in the house. I could write fast and set up a lot of customers before each game began so I got a "promotion" to "Double Action" games, two games going off at the same time. I can't be weaving at both looms at the same time but now both have warps.
 I have 12+ yards on my 40" AVL FDL and because of the unusual specifications for this commission I decided to put the warp on the plain beam with heads. The heads support the edges of the warp. Before I had sectional beams this was the only warping method I used. The warp is 8/2's Bockens unmercerized cotton. It is a beautiful yarn. It looks all white but it is not. Every other thread is off-white and the effect makes the warp shimmer. I will weave it with one yarn color as tabby.

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