Sunday, July 27, 2014


   This warp is weaving very well. I am only working with two colors of the Bockens cotton, an unbleached natural and a bleached white. You can barely see any stripes or my attempt at a gradient. I had to carefully calculate the amount of each of these colors that I have. I needed to use up all of the bleached white because my weft is all the unbleached. Math is not my strong point and I have made some amazing errors. I was left,  after measuring the warp, with only a few yards of the bleached white. This is good. I need something if I have to do a warp repair.
   I still can't get close to the ppi desisired by my boss. This is a very different yarn. I need to look at it closely with my magnifying glasses and compare it to other 8/2s cottons. Maybe if the sett was lower I could pack in more weft? Really?  ... I should put on a more narrow sample and switch up the reeds, change the weave structure, wet finish it myself. We shall see. Meanwhile at my "guild" I bought two large cones of 8/2s unmercerized cotton of dubious origin that will make splendid babywraps for myself.

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  1. Are you using your roller temples? Worked for me when I needed a denser worsted cloth...all I had was the old fashioned wooden temples, but they worked.