Thursday, July 31, 2014


        10.5 meters of cloth are flying their way to Arizona to be washed, dried, hemmed, and done-to-whatever to be made into babywraps. I burled my cloth looking for misspicks and any other weaving mess ups that are better fixed before the cloth is processed. I looked everywhere and especially at the selvedges but ... I could not find anything to fix. When I weave and I see something impossible to fix on the loom I will mark it with a small piece of painter's tape. I did not have to do this with this cloth. It is a bit arrogant to say I wove some perfect cloth and yet I can't find any mistakes. A bit scary.  My hope is that some mama somewhere will hold her "squish" (babywrap lingo) close, tight, and happy in the cloth I made and put so much energy into.

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