Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Samples can tell you some things but small samples are not very useful for a production item. It is probably a good idea to do a "sample" and then a full-sized "prototype" before you commit time and yarn to a project. So for my Civil War horse blanket project I began with a 12" wide sample of 2/26s wool, sett at 32 epi and picked out at 34 ppi in a 2/2 twill. What's that you say? All weaver's lingo but it really doesn't matter except to me or anyone who wants to attempt the same thing.

I have about another yard to go on my sample. Then I will measure it, weigh it, wet finish it, full it, sew pieces of it together, measure and weigh it again dry. What am I hoping to learn? I need to know how much this wool will shrink and if my sett and pick out are in the ballpark so I can the  attempt the prototype. The blanket has stripes. It will have to be woven in two sections, one section flipped, seamed, washed and fulled. I like challenges. This is a challenge.

Already there are snafus. The 2/26s wool is a mill end so no more of it once it is gone. Each blanket will take 3.5 lbs of wool. I located a mill that has the wool but it is slightly thicker , a 2/20s . The mill has the right colors and you can  reorder. I will need to do another sample with what I can get, then the prototype. The 2/26s sample is not a waste of time. I am learning how my 60" loom weaves. It really is a beautiful yarn to work with.  And yes there is a flaw, 5 threads in one dent, 3 in another, not worth fixing.

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