Friday, December 6, 2013

New Chain New Design

I cut bait and pegged a new dobby chain, one that has no plastic cinch straps to confound the dobby roller. All is working smoothly now and I am weaving faster and with a rhythm. This is the aspect of weaving that I love, being able to weave quickly and easily. So after many adjustments and false starts I am now at a point where the warp tension is stable, dobby box happy, and the shuttles are tensioned for the size of chenille I am weaving. These are the things that you learn to do as you keep weaving. Some of these weaving techniques are written down in books and some of them are taught. But experience is really the best teacher and she is strict!  I have a nice mix of white and off-white chenilles. Now I am weaving a "winter white" scarf with bands and stripes. It'll be one of those "works with everything" accessories. The colors will complement every skin tone and the scarf is warm and light enough to be worn how you like.

"Winter Whites"

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  1. Things change when you change what you are using or doing. Always a learning curve. It's what keeps me coming back to the loom. ;)