Thursday, December 12, 2013

Each One Different

I am weaving down my 35 yards of warp. I am not thrilled with the tightness of the warp on one side of my loom. I know why it is happening but it really can't be fixed. I can cut off what I have woven and sort of  "reset" the warp by tying on again with the apron.  This is not a lasting fix. The tensioning system on the 40" leaves a lot to be desired. So much for that. At some point you either fix it or deal with it which is a metaphor for life in general. I am pleased with the result.

Six of the Seven Scarves Woven So Far

I have more chenille in different colors arriving in a week or so. I will probably have some warp left. Meanwhile I am preparing a sample for the big loom to see if it is possible to weave a special commission on it. More on that later.

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