Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sample Warp Fini!

Last night I couldn't sleep so I got back to my loom at 11:00 and finished the 60" Compu-Dobby warp at about 1:00. That included overlocking the hem. Today I finished the hem and then wet-finished, dried, and ironed my "sample". What did I learn? The Compu-Dobby performs very well. I think the loom treadles too hard and I need to see what is going on there. The harnesses are significantly wider compared to the 40" loom but still .....? I cannot figure out how to raise the harnesses and keep them up (to check the shed behind the heddles) for the life of me with the Compu-Dobby. The pin that keeps the dobby arm depressed doesn't exist anymore on the 60". Such an easy thing to do on my 40".

I used three different weaves on the 2nd and last scarf, tabby, my psychobutdoable crepe-like random weave of my own design, and a cut down version of an "Ikat-inspired" diversified network twill. Thank you Eva Stossel for sending me the draft! When I pressed the scarf the pattern popped out.

2nd Scarf 60" Test Warp

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