Saturday, October 26, 2013


Got the 10" sample going on the big loom. Compu-Dobby working correctly. The chenille obscures the pattern but I am hoping for "collapse" after wet-finishing. All an experiment. I am still getting used to the tension system on this loom. It is quite different at least compared to the smaller loom. I have the tension set very low. It advances with the sandpaper beam very easily, almost too easily, but yet the warp is plently tight enough. Oh well, if ain't broke don't fix it! The cloth is rolling up on the sandpaper beam. I am not attaching this to the apron. To get the warp threads sticking to the sandpaper beam rolling them around manually is hard to do, scratchy.  I just use a sheet of that rubberized shelf liner by feeding it between the sandpaper beam and the cloth. You you let it roll on. I use this stuff when I leave unwoven yarn for fringes. It keeps the tension consistent until I start another one. In that case I let the shelf liner "roll out". I think AVL people will get that.

Sample on the 60" AVL loom

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