Monday, May 28, 2018

Moving Along

    My upholstery warp is finished. I've never done Echo weave before and now I like it! Echo is a network weave and the technicalities of how it works can be found in the Echo and Iris book published by Marian Stubenitsky. I borrowed it from my weaving guild library. It is an amazing book and after rereading some of the chapters I understand the weave structure. I used a draft that I bought from WEBS for a baby blanket and converted it to a dobby file. While I was weaving the upholstery I went back to the weaving program I have on my iPad to play with the design and I came up with some interesting patterns using the same threading. I also found a few errors and corrected those and then used the corrected lift plan on my big loom. The finished upholstery is very stretchy. It has four end floats and given the intended use, new fabric for my dining chairs, I decided not to use what I wove. It needs to be redone at a higher sett but I also want to talk to my upholstery friend and see what she thinks. So here are some photos of screenshots of the original drawdown, a variation by changing the liftplan, the cloth with an orange weft, and a green weft.

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  1. Hi, I am also SunnyKnitterGal. Beautiful first Echo weave. I took Marian's class last summer, and I ended up with a line similar to what shows on each of your colors of Echo. I never was able to figure out what caused it. I though I had made a weaving error, but maybe it is something about the draft. My next warp at home will be an echo weave, but I have chosen my favorite draft by Marian Stubinitsky. I like your redesigned draft better than the original. Beautiful weaving!