Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Seersucker is Weaving!

  I got my warp going, all threaded and sleyed. I was a bit concerned that the finer warp on the 2nd beam would not be tensioned properly. I had not used this beam on this loom. The difference in the amount of warp on the beam and the difference in how fine the cotton is makes is so as to not require additional tensioning. I am using 1/3 lb machine knitters cast on weights, two on the top beam, one on the bottom. The standard AVL counterweight disks one normally uses would be too much. I have made numerous math errors in calculating the sett and how each inch of the warp should be sleyed. I have some "left over" on the 2nd beam which is weighted off the raddle in the back to get it out of the way. These are the kind of problems that just happen. So I make notes about my projects and hopefully won't repeat my mistakes. I decided to use a wonderful cone of silk for weft and it look very handsome. As soon as I get another meter woven then I can transfer the woven cloth to the cloth roller on the back of my loom and I think it'll weave even better. I am also looking forward to changing the design with the Compudobby just to see what happens. Right now shafts 1~12 are weaving a twill and 13~16 are weaving tabby.


  1. Looking forward to seeing this after wet finishing. :)

  2. Yes it'll be interesting. Once I get a few more meters on the cloth roller I can cut off some of it and do the wet-finishing. Next time I'll put the 2nd warp on the bottom beam. I can't stand lease sticks in the warp when I weave but this might be an argument for it - finding and correctly routing broken warps from two different beams.