Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Stuff

  I am just starting out on my contract on my smaller loom. The first few inches are always unstable until I can all the parts of the loom that control the tension to cooperate. I took off the rotary temples as they seem to be unnecessary with this warp. So far so good. Half lf of this warp will be woven with a navy blue weft and half with a lighter blue. I think it will be very pretty.

  I am also thinking about my next project for the big loom. The stash of the wonderful 2/26s wool is calling me. Since this photo was taken I bought more of the pinks. Some of the colors are hardly different from the others but I know after years of weaving that subtle color variation makes the warp sing. It is an argument for hand dyeing your yarn but I don't have the time or space.

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