Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Between Looms

I finished up my tunic yardage on the big loom. I really need to take better notes and make myself do it. I think I put on 15 yards but I have no idea. I got a lot of cloth out of this warp! So far it is washed and dried but not cut apart and then I will know how many tunics I can really make. Next is to measure warp for the belts. My plan is to weave two belt lengths and then sew then together top stitched so I avoid the turning them inside out. The chenille is just too thick and the turning and snaking the belt inside out is very tricky with the seam. I can wind a two inch section, make two lengths and then I will only have the tabs to sew shut. That is the plan for now.

Meanwhile the new reed has arrived so I am reeding the babywrap warp,

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